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We support the Independent Insurance Agent

 Agency VMS is 100% free for Insurance Agency Owners 

How can Agency VMS help your Agency?


Agency VMS utilizes a proprietary algorithm based on the characteristics and final sale price of thousands of recently closed Insurance Agency Acquisitions. Our instant online valuation tool will give you your Agency’s valuation range of what buyers are willing to pay for your Agency, accurate to within just a few percentage points. 


Want to grow your Agency before going through the acquisition process? No problem! Our software takes into account your Agency’s size and characteristics, giving you personalized recommendations on the best statistical path to follow to help your Agency get to the level and valuation you would like it to be at. 

As your Agency grows, our valuation tool updates the value of your Agency in real time.  


Ready to sell or merge? Great!  Once you confirm on your dashboard that you are ready to sell your Agency based on your Agency VMS Valuation,  we’ll put you in touch with the best matches of buyers who pay top dollar for Agencies with similar characteristics as yours (size, location, lines of business, goals of your acquisition, etc.). Buyers will only be in touch with you after you confirm that you are ready to sell, never before. 

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